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 Big Men or Chiefs. Rondel Builders of Neolithic Europe

‘Big Men or Chiefs. Rondel Builders of Neolithic Europe’ is a comprehensive and informative study that explores the fascinating world of the Rondel builders, who were a prehistoric people that lived in Neolithic Europe. Written by a team of experts in the field, including Jaroslav Řídký, Petr Květina, Petr Limburský, Markéta Končelová, Pavel Burgert, and Radka Šumberová, this book delves into the culture, society, and architecture of these ancient people.

The Rondel builders were known for their impressive round structures, called Rondels, which were built using a unique construction technique that involved the use of wooden posts and wattle and daub walls. These structures were often used as meeting places for the community and were an important part of Rondel culture. The book explores the construction techniques used by the Rondel builders and the significance of these structures in their society.

The authors also delve into the social hierarchy of the Rondel builders, examining whether they were led by ‘Big Men’ or ‘Chiefs’. This question has long been debated among archaeologists, and the book presents the latest research and evidence to shed light on this issue. The authors also examine the role of women in Rondel society, exploring their roles in the community and the economy.

In addition to the Rondel structures themselves, the book also explores the wider cultural context of Neolithic Europe. The authors examine the trade networks that existed between different Neolithic communities, the role of religion and belief systems in these societies, and the impact of environmental factors on their way of life.

Overall, ‘Big Men or Chiefs. Rondel Builders of Neolithic Europe’ is a fascinating and informative book that offers a unique insight into the world of the Rondel builders. With its detailed analysis of Rondel structures, social hierarchy, and wider cultural context, this book is essential reading for anyone interested in the prehistory of Europe and the development of human society..

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