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 Childhood in History. Perceptions of Children in the Ancient and Medieval Worlds

“Childhood in History: Perceptions of Children in the Ancient and Medieval Worlds” is a groundbreaking exploration of how childhood was perceived and experienced in different cultures throughout history. Written by esteemed scholars Reidar Aasgaard and Cornelia Horn, this comprehensive study delves into the lives of children in ancient and medieval societies, shedding light on their roles, rights, and the societal attitudes towards them.

In this meticulously researched book, Aasgaard and Horn challenge common assumptions and misconceptions about childhood in antiquity and the Middle Ages. Drawing from a wide range of sources including literature, art, legal texts, and archaeological evidence, the authors examine various aspects of children’s lives, such as education, play, labor, and social status. They delve into the unique experiences of children from different social classes, genders, and regions, providing a nuanced understanding of the diverse realities of childhood in these periods.

The book begins by exploring ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Greece, where children were considered valuable members of the family and society. It reveals how these cultures valued education and play as essential components of childhood, and how children were expected to contribute to the family’s economic and social well-being. The authors also examine the influence of religion and mythology on the perception of children, highlighting how divine child figures shaped societal expectations and ideals.

Moving forward, Aasgaard and Horn delve into the medieval world, where Christianity played a pivotal role in shaping attitudes towards children. They investigate the impact of religious teachings on childhood, including the concept of original sin and the importance of childlike innocence. The authors explore how medieval children were often perceived as.

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