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 Distributed Cognition in Medieval and Renaissance Culture

“Distributed Cognition in Medieval and Renaissance Culture” by Miranda Anderson and Michael Wheeler offers a groundbreaking exploration of the concept of distributed cognition within the context of medieval and Renaissance culture. This book delves into the ways in which cognition, knowledge, and intelligence were distributed and shared among individuals, artifacts, and environments during this significant period in history.

Drawing on interdisciplinary research and a wide range of sources, Anderson and Wheeler present a comprehensive analysis of how cognition was distributed across different social, cultural, and intellectual contexts. They challenge the traditional view of cognition as an individual, internal process, instead revealing how cognitive processes were intertwined with material objects, social networks, and cultural practices.

The authors begin by introducing the concept of distributed cognition and its relevance to medieval and Renaissance culture. They argue that the traditional focus on individual minds has limited our understanding of how knowledge and intelligence were produced and disseminated during this time. By adopting a distributed.

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