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 Irish Houses and Castles, 1400 1740

“Irish Houses and Castles, 1400-1740” by Rolf Loeber is a comprehensive study of the architecture and social history of Ireland’s great houses and castles during the late medieval and early modern periods. The book provides a detailed analysis of the development of Irish domestic architecture, from the fortified tower houses of the 1400s to the grand country houses of the 1700s.

The author begins by exploring the origins of the tower house, which was the dominant form of domestic architecture in Ireland during the late medieval period. He examines the social and political context in which these structures were built and the defensive features that were incorporated into their design. From there, the book moves on to the development of the Renaissance-style country house, which was introduced to Ireland in the 1600s.

Throughout the book, the author provides detailed descriptions and illustrations of the various architectural styles and features that were popular during this period. He also explores the social and cultural context in which these structures were built, examining the roles they played in the lives of their owners and the wider community. The book includes a wealth of historical and cultural information, drawing on a wide range of primary and secondary sources to provide a detailed and nuanced picture of Irish domestic architecture and society.

“Irish Houses and Castles, 1400-1740” is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the history of Irish architecture, as well as those interested in the social and cultural history of Ireland during this period. The book is richly illustrated with photographs, drawings, and maps, making it an engaging and accessible read for both scholars and general readers alike. Overall, it is a fascinating and informative study of a crucial period in Irish history and culture..

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