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 Judaism and Islam in Practice. A Sourcebook

“A Concise History of Sunnis and Shi’is” by John McHugo is a comprehensive exploration of the centuries-old religious and political divide between the two major branches of Islam. In this illuminating and scholarly work, McHugo delves deep into the historical roots of the Sunni-Shi’i split, tracing its origins to the very foundation of Islam and examining the complex dynamics that have shaped and defined these two distinct sects.

The book begins by providing readers with a thorough understanding of the early years of Islam, shedding light on the power struggle that arose following the death of the Prophet Muhammad. McHugo meticulously outlines the key events and personalities that led to the emergence of the Sunni and Shi’i factions, highlighting the pivotal role played by figures such as Abu Bakr, Ali, and Muawiya. He explores the theological, political, and cultural factors that contributed to the division, giving readers a nuanced understanding of the deep-seated differences that continue to influence the Sunni-Shi’i relationship today.


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