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 Markets in Early Medieval Europe Trading and ‘Productive’ Sites, 650 850

“Markets in Early Medieval Europe: Trading and ‘Productive’ Sites, 650-850” by Katharina Ulmschneider and Tim Pestell is a groundbreaking exploration of the economic and social dynamics of early medieval Europe. In this meticulously researched and comprehensive study, the authors shed light on the development and function of markets during a transformative period in European history.

The book begins by setting the stage and providing a thorough overview of the political and economic landscape of early medieval Europe. Ulmschneider and Pestell skillfully navigate readers through the complex web of post-Roman kingdoms, the rise of Christianity, and the subsequent social and economic changes that occurred during this time. By contextualizing the emergence of markets within this historical framework, the authors lay the foundation for a deeper understanding of their significance.

The heart of the book lies in its detailed examination of trading and ‘productive’ sites. Ulmschneider and Pestell draw from an impressive array of sources, including archaeological evidence, written records, and numismatic data, to reconstruct the physical and functional aspects of these sites. With meticulous attention to detail, the authors present a vivid picture of the bustling activity that took place in and around these markets, from the exchange of goods to the social interactions that shaped early medieval society.

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