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 Material Mnemonics. Everyday Memory in Prehistoric Europe

Material Mnemonics: Everyday Memory in Prehistoric Europe is a groundbreaking work by renowned archaeologists Katina T. Lillios and Vasileios Tsamis. The book explores the role of material culture in the formation of memory in prehistoric Europe, shedding new light on how ancient peoples remembered and transmitted their cultural traditions.

Drawing on a wealth of archaeological evidence, Lillios and Tsamis show how prehistoric Europeans used a wide range of objects and artifacts to encode and transmit their cultural memories. From cave paintings and carved stone monuments to pottery, jewelry, and even everyday tools, these material objects served as mnemonics, or memory aids, that helped individuals and communities remember their past and maintain their cultural identity over time.

The authors explore the ways in which these material mnemonics were used in everyday life, from the rituals and ceremonies of the living to the commemoration of the dead. They also examine how prehistoric Europeans used material culture to create and propagate myths and legends, and how these tales served as a means of transmitting cultural knowledge and values across generations.

Throughout the book, Lillios and Tsamis draw on a wide range of theoretical and methodological approaches to archaeology, including cognitive psychology, semiotics, and memory studies, to provide a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of how material culture shaped memory in prehistoric Europe. They also provide detailed case studies of specific archaeological sites and artifacts, offering a rich and engaging picture of life in prehistoric Europe and the ways in which its people remembered and transmitted their cultural traditions.

Material Mnemonics is an essential read for anyone interested in the archaeology of memory, the role of material culture in cultural transmission, and the rich history of prehistoric Europe. With its engaging prose, clear explanations, and fascinating case studies, it is sure to be a valuable resource for scholars, students, and general readers alike..

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