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 Medieval Animals on the Move. Between Body and Mind

Title: Medieval Animals on the Move: Between Body and Mind

Authors: László Bartosiewicz and Alice Mathea Choyke

Book Description:

Medieval Animals on the Move: Between Body and Mind is a captivating exploration of the intricate relationship between animals and humans in the medieval world. Written by renowned scholars László Bartosiewicz and Alice Mathea Choyke, this book delves into the profound ways in which animals shaped the physical, intellectual, and spiritual landscape of the Middle Ages.

In this meticulously researched and thought-provoking work, the authors shed light on the myriad roles that animals played in medieval society. From the working animals that toiled in the fields to the exotic creatures that graced royal courts, animals were woven into the very fabric of daily life. Through the pages of this book, readers will embark on a journey through time, discovering the significance of animals as laborers, companions, and symbols.

The heart of Medieval Animals on the Move lies in its exploration of the mobility of animals in the medieval world. The authors analyze the movement of animals across geographical, cultural, and symbolic boundaries, highlighting the ways in which these journeys shaped both animal and human lives. From the nomadic herding of livestock to the exotic menageries of the elite, the book illuminates the dynamic interplay between the physical movements of animals and the mental landscapes of medieval people.

This book also delves into the intellectual currents of the time, examining how medieval scholars grappled with questions about the nature of animals and their place in the natural and divine orders. It explores the rich tapestry of medieval bestiaries, where animals were not just described but often imbued with moral and allegorical significance. Through these sources, readers will gain insight into the complex ways in which medieval thinkers contemplated the relationship between body and mind, both in animals and in humans.

Medieval Animals on the Move is a testament to the enduring fascination with the creatures that shared the medieval world with humanity. It offers a multidimensional view of animals as beings that transcended the physical spaces they occupied, leaving an indelible mark on the landscapes of history, culture, and imagination.

This book is a must-read for historians, scholars of medieval studies, and anyone interested in the profound and intricate connections between animals and humans throughout the ages. Bartosiewicz and Choyke’s compelling narrative, supported by extensive research and illustrated with images from the medieval era, invites readers to contemplate the enduring relevance of these historical perspectives on our own relationship with the animal world today..

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