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 Problem of Love in the Middle Ages. A Historical Contribution

The Middle Ages were a time of great social and cultural change, and nowhere was this more evident than in the realm of love and relationships. In “Problem of Love in the Middle Ages. A Historical Contribution”, Pierre Rousselot and Alan Vincelette explore the complex and often contradictory views of love that emerged during this period.

Drawing on a wide range of historical sources, including literature, philosophy, and theology, the authors trace the evolution of attitudes towards love from the early Christian era to the Renaissance. They examine the role that courtly love played in medieval society, as well as the tensions between romantic love and religious devotion.

One of the central themes of the book is the tension between the ideal of courtly love and the reality of marriage. The authors argue that while courtly love was often celebrated in literature and art, it was not always a practical or desirable way of life. They explore the ways in which marriage was viewed as a necessary but often unromantic institution, and how this tension between love and duty played out in the lives of ordinary people.

The book also delves into the role of women in medieval society, and how their experiences of love and marriage differed from those of men. The authors explore the ways in which women were often objectified and idealized in literature, and how this impacted their real-life experiences.

Throughout the book, Rousselot and Vincelette provide a nuanced and insightful analysis of the complex and often contradictory attitudes towards love that emerged during the Middle Ages. Their work sheds new light on this fascinating period of history, and will be of interest to scholars and general readers alike..

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