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 Songbook. How Lyrics Became Poetry in Medieval Europe

In “Songbook: How Lyrics Became Poetry in Medieval Europe,” Marisa Galvez takes us on a captivating journey through the rich and enchanting world of medieval European lyric poetry. Delving into the evolution of song lyrics and their transformation into poetry, Galvez unravels the historical, cultural, and literary forces that shaped this remarkable art form.

Galvez begins by exploring the origins of medieval European lyric poetry, tracing its roots to the troubadours and trouveres of the 12th century. These wandering poets, often of noble birth, composed and performed their songs in the courts of Europe, captivating audiences with their melodic verses and heartfelt expressions of love, desire, and longing. Galvez reveals how these early songs were deeply influenced by the conventions of courtly love, exploring the complex relationships between poets, patrons, and audiences..

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