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 The Fifteenth Century Illustrations of Christine De Pizan’s ‘The

“The Fifteenth Century Illustrations of Christine De Pizan’s ‘The’ by Laura Rinaldi Dufresne and Josephine A. Koster is a groundbreaking exploration of the artistic and literary achievements of one of the most influential female writers of the Middle Ages, Christine de Pizan. Through a meticulous analysis of the fifteenth-century illustrations that accompanied de Pizan’s seminal work ‘The Book of the City of Ladies,’ this book sheds new light on the intersections of art, literature, and gender in the late medieval period.

Christine de Pizan, a prolific writer and thinker, was a trailblazer in her time. In ‘The Book of the City of Ladies,’ she presents a utopian city populated by virtuous and accomplished women from history and mythology. This visionary work challenged the prevailing misogynistic beliefs of the era and paved the way for a more inclusive understanding of women’s roles and contributions. However, it is not only de Pizan’s text that captivates readers; it is the sumptuous illustrations that accompany her words that truly bring her vision to life.

Dufresne and Koster embark.

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Renaissance-and-Enlightenment-Laura-Rinaldi-Dufresne,-Josephine-A.-Koster--The-Fifteenth-Century-Illustrations-of-Christine-De-Pizan's-'The--of-the-City-of-Ladies'-and-'The-Treasure-of-the-City-of-Ladies-.pdf, 397- pages

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