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 The Kingdom of Cyprus and the Crusades

The Routledge Companion to the Crusades is a comprehensive and authoritative guide to one of the most significant and controversial periods in world history. Edited by renowned historian Peter Lock, this book brings together an international team of scholars to provide a detailed overview of the Crusades, their causes, consequences, and lasting impact on the medieval world.

Spanning from the 11th to the 15th century, the Crusades were a series of military expeditions undertaken by Christians to reclaim the Holy Land from Muslim control. However, their historical significance extends far beyond religious conflict. The Crusades had profound political, social, and cultural implications, shaping the course of European history and influencing the development of the medieval world.

In this companion, Lock and his team of experts delve into every aspect of the Crusades, offering readers a comprehensive understanding of this complex and multifaceted phenomenon. The book is organized thematically, allowing readers to explore specific topics of interest or gain a broader understanding by reading the chapters in sequence.

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