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 The Variae. The Complete Translation 2

Title: The Variae: The Complete Translation 2
Author: Cassiodorus, translated by M. Shane Bjornlie
Genre: Historical Text/Translation
Publisher: [Publisher Name]
Publication Year: [Year]


“The Variae: The Complete Translation 2” presents an indispensable compilation of the influential sixth-century writings of Cassiodorus, meticulously translated and annotated by renowned scholar M. Shane Bjornlie. This volume offers an in-depth exploration of the rich historical and cultural tapestry of the late Roman Empire.

Cassiodorus, a statesman and scholar, served as a pivotal figure in the Ostrogothic kingdom of Italy under Theoderic the Great. His “Variae” is a collection of letters and official documents written during his tenure as Magister Officiorum and Praetorian Prefect, offering unique insights into the political, social, and intellectual landscape of the era.

Bjornlie’s translation skillfully captures the nuances of Cassiodorus’s Latin prose, making this essential text accessible to a modern audience. Each epistle is meticulously rendered with scholarly precision, preserving the original author’s intent while providing clarity and readability.

In addition to the translated texts, this volume is enriched with comprehensive annotations, shedding light on historical contexts, linguistic intricacies, and cultural references. Bjornlie’s insightful commentary offers readers a deeper understanding of the complex interplay between Roman, Gothic, and Byzantine cultures during this transformative period.

“The Variae: The Complete Translation 2” is an invaluable resource for scholars, students, and enthusiasts of late antiquity, providing a comprehensive view of the political and intellectual currents that shaped the twilight years of the Roman Empire.


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