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 Women and Writing in Medieval Europe. A Sourcebook

“Women and Writing in Medieval Europe: A Sourcebook” by Carolyne Larrington is an illuminating exploration of the often overlooked contributions of women in the literary landscape of the medieval era. Drawing upon a vast array of primary sources, Larrington presents a comprehensive collection of texts written by and about women, providing a unique insight into their roles as both writers and subjects.

In this meticulously researched volume, Larrington takes readers on a journey through the diverse experiences of women across medieval Europe. From the renowned abbesses and queens to the anonymous nuns and peasants, this sourcebook showcases the voices of women from all walks of life. By examining a wide range of genres, including poetry, prose, letters, and religious texts, Larrington reveals the breadth and depth of women’s literary production during this period.

The book begins by setting the historical and cultural context, offering a vivid portrayal of the social, political, and religious structures that shaped women’s lives. Larrington skillfully navigates through the complex web of medieval society, highlighting the constraints and opportunities that women encountered in their pursuit of writing. She also delves into the significance of literacy and education for women, shedding light on the ways in which they gained access to knowledge and.

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